We only spend three days in Barranquilla before we leave for Cartagena. These days are filled with visiting the school that everyone of us who has lived here has been to, visiting the museo de carnaval – an exciting museum about the colombian traditions of carnaval – as well as driving through the city in a bus and going shopping in the buena vista – a huge shopping mal that I remember from 2008. I get to see my american part of the family again (FINALLY) as well as colombian friends/neighbours (hehe). I get to go to Crepes & Waffles and eat my beloved chocolate crepe. We rush through the buena vista for what feels like 2 days straight, trying to find a dress for my cousin that she can wear for the wedding. It takes ages but we succeed, finally – she finds one at stradivarius. I buy a tank top and a shirt there. At night I cannot sleep because of my mosquito bites.

We wash our clothes that are dirty from the journey through the jungle/desert in the sink and I show my cousins what my aunt taught me in Tayrona – a way to quickly dry your clothes. It works – 90% of the stuff is dry the next morning. We are not tired so we invite a colombian friend over. He braids my hair. Or at least tries to. We laugh. I haven’t seen him in 4 years and no one knows I will spend the majority of my time with him after the wedding.

With my mom and her siblings, we visit the house they grew up in. Memories come back as the house is seen, stories are shared and tears are shed.

We pack our suitcases late at night, ready for the next bus ride in the morning. This time with the whole family.