For my 18th birthday in March I decide to travel to Dublin again, with my whole family. Ireland was in 2009 the first country or more like a place where I thought about the future, so I think it is a good place to be when adulthood starts for me. We arrive on Friday night, the day before my birthday.

We spend Saturday with ceveral activities I had planned before the trip: visiting a tiny bookstore, going to different markets and eating at my favourite restaurant, Nando’s, before going out into the pubs of Dublin around Temple Bar.

Sunday we rent a car and drive out into the beautiful Wicklow Mountains. 7 people with their luggage in a van, driving along tiny country roads. We visit Glendalough and drive through the mountains so I can shoot some self portraits. While I shoot the others enjoy the leftover cake and the breeze.

Later that day we drive back to the airport. My parents and I are the last that are leaving, since we all have different flights. I observe the departures while drinking hot chocolate and I listen to my traveling playlist. Later I edit the pictures I have taken.

It was a good weekend.