Utah 2019

I’m so nervous. Lauren and Hannah, literal angels that the universe has placed in my airplane row on the flight to Salt Lake City, patient as ever, describe how it might go, what I can do. Lauren says “How exciting is it to meet the love of your life for the first time” and as I shake my head at her, I can see

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No title just yet.

The move has literally uprooted me a little bit. This town often changes in my mind, it morphs from something restricting me to a safe haven that I can return to. At first, after having moved back, it was nice, being in a place that is so deeply familiar that I feel like I could navigate it blindfolded. But after a while the restlessness

By |April 15th, 2019|

Aislin Magazine publication

Yasmin Benoit and I got published in the winter issue of Aislin Magazine! We interviewed each other about representation in the industry, sexuality and our roles in the framework. Click below to read the full interview and see some unpublished shots! Find Yasmin on Instagram and on her

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Traveling Cornwall pt. 2

Well I am loved through sickness Today I am courage at the track It’s so peaceful here No one to fuck it up I could lay here for hours and hours And not ask you for much – Ben Howard, Murmurations ☾ It’s still so surreal, seeing my love next to me. It’s been a year of not seeing each other physically. An uncertain

By |August 25th, 2018|

Cornwall pt. 1

My soul is itching to get on the road again. Living in a foreign country doesn’t seem to count as that, because life still catches up to you in a day to day way. I book my first solo trip since arriving here, to St. Agnes, Cornwall. The drive down is long and exhausting, but I enjoy singing my heart out and listening to

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British Countryside

Hanna and I drive through the countryside to visit Stonor Park – a house that has been in the same family’s hands for over 850 years, a story of political survival. It is hot outside – this year’s british summer has surprised everyone and it’s only june – and my car has no air conditioning, shirts sticking to our backs, hair flowing in the

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